Richmond, TX, USA

At Satmec Surveillance in Richmond, TX, USA,

Our team of professionals create a security solution that fulfills all of your surveillance, deterrence, and threat confrontation requirements.

We provide 24/7 live monitoring of your property and respond to emergencies within seconds, immediately notifying law enforcement and first responders.

Our business monitoring services in Richmond, TX, include:

  • Expert security consultants who are highly trained
  • A free, in-person security assessment
  • Free fully integrated, comprehensive security plans
  • Personnel who are skilled in security technology
  • Deterrence signage and other deterrence measures
  • High-end security cameras, sensors, and equipment
  • Live surveillance monitoring
  • Intelligent threat detection through innovative, real-time analytics
  • Recorded video footage, as required for criminal proceedings
  • Coordination with law enforcement agencies.

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